by GB Italia



Table grape represents our leading product, and more specifically we cultivate varieties with seeds, such as Italia, Vittoria and Red Globe grape. Seedless grapes, such as Crimson cultivar, are cultivated on part of the land. In recent years we have started the cultivation and the successful marketing of apricots. The main variety is French-red apricot, and a small production of yellow flesh apricot. Farming diversification is very important for GB Italia® so to meet market demand. For this reason about 25 hectares of land particularly suitable for fruit farming, has been devoted to apricots.


Lands in the area of Canicattì are at an altitude of 400-500 metres a.s.l., and have north-south exposure. Land declivity is maximum 6-7%. Climate is typically Mediterranean, and microclimate is particularly favorable for apricot growing and for late harvest of Italia table grapes. Level lands in the territory of Campobello di Licata are at a lower altitude of 100-150 metres a.s.l. Microclimate of the area is milder and is suitable for early-harvest of Vittoria, Italia and Red Globe table grapes, peaches, and seedless grapes. Most soils have a medium texture and are highly fertile. These characteristics, together with a rational management of growing techniques based on environmental eco-sustainability, positively affect the physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of our products.





Quantity and quality production of all table grapes are significant, and thanks to a long harvesting period, we can guarantee our customer grapes availability for more than six months per year: from the end of May until the second or third ten days of December. Picking and distribution of Vittoria table grapes start in the forth ten days of May and finish in the third ten days of August. Italia and Red Globe Grapes start in the second ten days of August and finish at the end of December. Harvest is made by highly skilled labor and only when sugar content has reached a good level. Bunches of grapes are selected one by one, and if any single berry is not suitable to our standards, it is removed. Products are then transported to the storage building where they are weighed, labeled, refrigerated and delivered to the distribution platforms and to destination markets. Distribution operation is a delicate phase, for this reason our partners are the most reliable carrier on the market, so to guarantee integrity of product and punctuality.


GB Italia® means genuine and good products, with Global-Gap certification (Good Agriculture Practice). Such certification is an essential requirement to trade fruit and vegetables in Europe. It also gives guarantee to consumers about health and wholesomeness of products, because of strict product specifications. Our company is subject to periodic controls carried out by the certifying body (RINA) which checks and certify process qualification. Since 2005 GB Italia® has been one of the most important farm businesses of the Consorzio di Tutela e Promozione dell’uva da tavola IGP di Canicattì (a consortium for the safeguard of quality of ITALIA IGP Table grapes. GB Italia® has applied for IFS Food (International Featured Standards) certification.