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GB Italia® gathers, gives value and distributes the very best production of the farming business of Lo Sardo family. Proud to be Sicilian, our top-quality cultivations of table grapes and apricots come from the centre of the island. Lo Sardo’s farms (Agricola Agridelice, Lo Sardo Melchiorre and Marino Claudia) during the last forty years have gained absolute experience, competences, and thanks to agronomists, specialists, and highly skilled labor reached a prominent position in excellence production.
GB Italia® was created to meet a continuous demand of markets and to enhance relationships and exchanges with large-scale retail channels. Farms’ extension is about 90 hectares in the province of Agrigento, in the territory of Canicattì and Campobello di Licata. Table grapes are cultivated in an area of about 55 hectares; wine grapes are cultivated in an area of 5 hectares; on an area of 25 hectares apricots trees are cultivated, and on 5 hectares there are peaches trees.

GB Italia® has a 1000 sq.mt. building, used for storage, packaging and distribution of products, strategically located between Agrigento and Caltanissetta, on the highway 640 AG-CL, Km 22,5. Outside the building there is a wide loading area, with loading ramps. Cold storage rooms have a capacity of about 300 sq.mt, and are used to stock apricots and table grapes.
GB Italia® has adopted HACCP method control (Hazard Analysis Critical Control) in order to evaluate, during production phases, risks for food safety and to apply preventing and protective measures. Through this system, together with an IT system, traceability and monitoring of all production is possible.


The best Table Grapes,

appreciated throughout the world for their unrivalled flavor, their freshness of aroma and their organoleptic and nutritional properties.

We take daily care of our grapes,

we watch them grow and ripen, with love and enthusiasm sharing in this miracle of nature.

We harvest the grapes with great care,

and then pack them in the vine-yards itself, so that handling is minimal, and they are then sent to the tables of Europe, fresh, fragrant and aromatic.